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Below is our latest update.

November 2012 Newsletter


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Click on the newsletter photo to download our November/December 2012 newsletter.

In this newsletter you will read about what we’ve been up to since our project in Redwood Valley, California and what is up next for our family. We hope that it will be an encouragement to you.

We invite you to share our newsletter with your friends and family, you are welcome to post it up at your church or prayer group.

Enjoy our latest stories!

Moving On


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We’ve completed our assignment here at Trout Creek Bible Camp and it has been a nice couple of weeks.  Today we begin the process of  packing up to move on.   Our next assignment is at the Hard Hats for Christ home office in Longview, Washington.  Time for us to check in with headquarters!   I’m sure we’ll be tackling some ministry training as well as getting to know the office staff better.

Getting Started on the Cabins


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Our first week at our new assignment has gone better than expected, we have already almost completed 2 cabins and will be starting on the 3rd next week.  There are a total of 8 cabins that need to be finished out.  I am here to install the plywood and tongue & groove pine paneling .  The camp has made arrangements with SOWER Ministries to finish out other parts of the cabins so this project will go much faster than we anticipated.  I’m sure we’ll have news of our next assignment in just a few weeks. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

After a couple of weeks of sickness, the girls and I have gotten back into our school routine and the duties of daily living.  It feels good to get everything put away and back to “normal” around the house (if only for a couple of weeks!), having a washing machine to use is a major highlight for me!   And I’m grateful that the girls are at the tale end of their colds.

Below are photos and as usual, hover to view the captions, click to view a larger image.

On the Road Again


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On our way to the next assignment in northern Oregon.  Three days of travel through mountains, rain and fog.  We stopped at a couple rv parks to rest for the night. I’m so glad that it was warm enough for us to stay at the RV parks, it is much better to sleep in my own bed than to pack suitcases and stay in hotels!

You can hover over the photos to read the descriptions, click on the photos to see a larger image

Saying Goodbye


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The time has come for us to head out, we need to get over the mountains into Oregon before the snow comes. The men begin to clean up the main gymnasium so that the church can have a fundraising dinner to complete the last stages of construction.  It is an opportunity to say goodbye to those we’ve come to know and will miss so much after we leave here.  We have had an amazing time assisting Redwood Valley Community Church, they have been a blessing to us and a great group of believers to work with.


RedwoodValleyPraise (click to watch)

Finishing Up


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This assignment is quickly coming to a close for us, only a few days left before we move on to our next assignment!

The good news is that the project is almost complete and Redwood Valley Community Church has a great group of skilled volunteers to finish up this building.

Over the last few weeks the classrooms have been carpeted and the baseboard is up.  The EXIT signs were installed, the septic systems are in and the bathroom counters and faucets are in.

The youth will soon be moving into their room this week I think.   AWANA Cubbies already used their room once!   Here are a few photos of the building.

Book Giveaway


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On our Hard Hats for Christ retreat the office brought books for us to read and pass on to others. Instead of one of our friends or supporters receiving a random book in the mail and then say to themselves, “Hey, are they trying to tell us something?”   We though we’d let those of you who read our blog tell us if you would like this book- because who doesn’t need a good marriage building book, right?!

So today we are going to have our first ever book giveaway! {applause fill the room}

Today we have, for your reading pleasure…

“The 5 Love Languages, The secret to Love that Lasts” by Gary Chapman

I think I hear you saying, “I’ve always wanted to read that book.”

Jacob and I read this book early on in our marriage, it was nice refresh ourselves on the good advice or Mr. Chapman. {Do you like our amazing book review? 😉 }

So this is how we’re going to do this, everyone who is interested in being entered into this very unscientific drawing- please leave your name and contact information (phone, email or mention if you are a “friend” on Facebook and we’ll look you up) in the comments below.  Cutoff entry date is Thursday ,October 27th, 2012

On Friday, October 28th, 2012 we will put all your names into a hat (literally) and draw one out! And just to make this even more fun, we’ll video tape it and post the winner via video on our blog and link it to our Facebook page!  If for some reason we do not have contact information (ahem, please provide this…) then we’ll draw again the following day!

See, that was easy.

For the random blog reader out there, this is for the USA only.  This is a lighthearted giveaway from our personal library to our friends and supporters not a fancy-shmancy sweepstakes.  We are not being paid by the publisher or anyone else to promote this book.

So friends, enter away… P.S.  We’re only going to put your name in the hat ONCE. And, no, you won’t be added to a mailing list or anything weird. :)


Busy Day


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Today was a busy day on the project and I thought I’d share a brief video.


The first sound you hear I didn’t get a picture of, Robert (one of the volunteers) was on the patio cutting tile for the bathroom.  As I walk in you can hear the sound of the paint sprayer, Jacob was prepping it to begin painting the walls in the gymnasium.  The other loud sound was Rolf cutting the outlet holes in the stainless steel backsplash for the stove.  The electrician in the teal shirt is working hard, and George on his way to help with tile.  All sorts of activities going on all over the place.  I don’t know what Bruce was up to, but he was working somewhere too!

2012 Hard Hats for Christ Staff Conference and Retreat


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The View Near Happy Camp

Thank you to those that prayed for us while we were traveling to the Hard Hats Retreat, we appreciate your prayers!

On our way up to Oregon for the retreat we stopped off in Happy Camp, California to speak about Hard Hats for Christ and our personal ministry. Hard Hats for Christ had worked on this church years ago making repairs, etc.   It was great to meet with them and share with them about how God is using Hard Hats in other parts of the USA and the world.  After some fellowship we hit the road toward Oregon.

We arrived at Cascade Mountain Ranch on Sunday evening.   How wonderful to enjoy a week in fellowship with other Hard Hats missionaries that we have not seen in years!

Click to view the web album

The week was spent in training sessions with a few fun events scattered in here and there.  We had the opportunity to go on a jet boat ride down the Rogue River and the ladies went to visit Fire Mountain Gems and Beads headquarters.    The men took off together and fired off a few guns at some interesting targets (water filled bottles).

One of the board members brought his daughter with him to care for our girls and Dave Williamson’s  son during the retreat.  She had so many wonderful things planned for them, she did a GREAT job.  They visited with the resident Llamas and donkey, went over to a swimming hole and launched homemade air rockets.  They even put on a short skit for us on the last day.  So much fun, the girls were sad to leave her!

Here is what I wrote on the Thiel Family Facebook Page after we returned home from the retreat:

We are on our way home from the retreat today. My head is full of a lot of wonderful information and challenges we were given. My hands are full with our new handbook, training DVD,and many other resources. My heart is full with encouraging fellowship and I’m already missing these amazing people. My spirit is recharged from the time spent with the Lord and reaffirming our calling. We feel honored that God has called us to work with Hard Hats for Christ.

It was so wonderful to be near those who are serving in the same ministry.  Kathy and Lou, another Hard Hats missionary couple, took many photos of the week (and were great pet sitters for us!).  Click on the image or here to view the web album.

On our way back from Oregon we drove through the Redwood Forest on The Avenue of the Giants.

What beautiful trees!

We already miss these wonderful people, but after a week together we all need to head back to our missions assignments and continue to do what the Lord is calling us to.  I look forward to our next opportunity to meet up together and share what God is doing!


Redwood Valley CA- Progress!


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I have plenty of photos for you today, I even broke out my wide angle lens to get a good view of the inside gymnasium area.  I encourage you to click on those photos- it s a big building.

The sidewalks around the back and sides of the building were poured this week!  Some of the men are now inside working on finish work.

Paint will be finished in the classrooms today or tomorrow and ready for carpet! Yes, carpet! If you look closely at the rooms you can see a lot of the electrical outlet and switch covers are on too.

Things are moving very quickly now.

Our family is in full swing with school now and the girls are doing great.  We have just returned from a staff retreat and training week in Grants Pass, Oregon.  I’ll be posting about that soon, it was a great time of fellowship and learning.  On our way home we drove through The Avenue of the Giants, what fun! I have video and photos of the drive I’ll be posting over the next week or so.

As always- hover over photos for descriptions, click for a larger view.    Don’t forget to leave a comment or thought for us or about the project. We love to hear from you!